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Purist (noun) 

: a person who adheres strictly and often excessively to a tradition.

Pure (adjective)

: unmixed with any other matter.


For many years we have wanted to bring our very own yarn to you, one made here in Australia as locally as we possibly could. Finally, after all the trying we can share this with you. It has been quite a journey.


Before making this yarn we considered many things. We wanted a yarn that could be used to make socks but perform well for garments too. A yarn that is strong but not too crisp. A yarn that reminds us of the past but also considers the present and the future, one that leaves a smaller imprint on our planet not just in its making but when it reaches its end of life too. Purist is a yarn that is a joy to hold in your hands and wear on your body.


The white and coloured wool we source is from here in South Australia and is run by one family who has been doing so for three generations. I am very familiar with using it in my handspun and fibre preparations when I started Wren & Ollie. The wool travels to Victoria for washing, combing and spinning. It then makes the journey to me here where it is dyed or left in its beautiful natural-coloured state.


Colour: CINNAMON 02

Weight: Sock/Fingering/4ply

Fibre: 100% Corriedale Merino Wool

Length: 50g (1.7oz) is ≈ 180m (196yds)

Suggested Needle: 2.50-3.50mm (US1.5-4)  or 2.00-2.25mm (US0-1) for Socks


This listing is for 1 x 50g skein. Each skein is slightly different from the next even though they were dyed together. If using more than one skein I suggest alternating skeins. Please note: the number after the colour name refers to the natural base colour it was dyed on Birch 02, Ash 03, Rye 04 and Cocoa 05. If it does not have a number after the colour name it was dyed on Vanilla 01.



I am dyed with colour-fast acid dyes. Cold hand wash with mild detergent/wool wash. Minimal agitation is best. Lay me flat in the shade to dry.

Purist: Cinnamon 02

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